Starting my Challenge

6 Days ago i set off on a journey with 4 friends to the city of Luxembourg where we were representing the Hunt Saboteurs Association at the International Animal Rights Conference.  The trip was an amazing experience in its own right, where we got to eat tonnes of vegan food, get to really know one another, meet some awesome new friends from all over the world and spread the word on what the HSA do and stand for.

But for me this conference became extra special when i got to meet a personal hero of mine, Alfredo Meschi, an Italian activist who is well known for his awe inspiring full body tattoo.  He has had 40,000 small crosses tattoo’d all over his body to represent the number of animals that are killed in the world each second!  If that’s not commitment to the animals then i don’t know what is.  Here’s a link to his Facebook, i strongly recommend you take a look for yourself if you haven’t already;


(That’s me on the right)

Anyway, when listening to one of his speeches he said something that really got me thinking…. when you are fighting for animal rights it is like fighting a war, and when you fight a war you don’t just fight at the weekends or in the evenings but you fight 24/7, 365 days of the year until the war is won!

And he’s right.

So starting on that very day 8/09/17 i decided that i would do an act of activism every day for 365 days and do my part for the animals, because they need us.  They need us not only to stop contributing to their suffering but to speak out and encourage others to stop too until our war is won.


Day 55

National vegan day!

And What better way to promote veganism than with cake.  So that is what I dI’d I took a vegan cake into work and left it for people to try and I can safely say they were won over.  I could hear many conversations around ingredients and it worked to get people thinking.

I can safely say I will be doing this again!

Day 53 & 54

Another new week brings a clear head and motivation to get bits sorted.  Our group is very active when it comes to vegan festivals as they are are great chance to get people interested and educate people on the truth around hunting.  So iv been busy booking a stall at the next festival and sorting merchandise to sell as it’s important we have funds to be and be to run our vehicle and keep us out each week.

Day 51 & 52

Day 51

Saturday again… Why does it always come around so fast?

Today was an interesting day in which we covered a lot of ground and spent a lot of time getting to know a new area around area hunt we’ve not done before as we plan to visit them more this year and it helps to know the area.  We were given a tip off of a hunt but by the time we found them they were just packing up and leaving for the day, but they saw us and now they know they are being watched which is always a good thing.  We also had a new member of the group out and it was a good chance to get to know her and explain all about what we do so she’s fully prepared for the crap that is guaranteed to come our way over the next few months.

Day 52

Another trip to a different woods today for a walk and a chance to clear my head.  Any other “finds” were just a bonus.  It’s clearly fustrating and it can be a struggle to not be angry all the time, especially when you see first hand the lengths some people will go to to try and kill, catch, and eradicate our wildlife.  But it is important to channel the anger and fustration into positive actions that in one way or another can make a difference. 

Day 50

Friday finally!

This evening there was a talk in the greenroom in middlesbrough  (if you’ve  not been before you NEED to go!) On trying to organise a large animal rights match in the north east.

We, as the North East Hunt Sabs, were asked to give a short talk on who we are and what we do and it was fantastic.  We did our thing and spoke to some lovely people afterwards who are passionate and wanted to know how to get involved.  Success!

It’s always important to me to be able to educate people and inspire them to want to make a change and this evening was a great chance to do just that.  The amazing vegan buffet was just a bonus.

Days 45, 46, 47, 48 & 49

I’m sorry iv left it a while without doing my blog so I’m going to cheat a little bit and bulk these 5 days together.

Over the course of this week I have stuggled with things in my own personal life but I have stuck it out and carried on but I’m affraid I’m seriously lacking photos from this week.

So to summarise I have done some more stickering around town and left leaflets on notice boards and in shops.  

I left a couple of small chalk messages but completely forgot to take pictures.

On the sunday (day 45) I went for a walk to have a search and check for any nasties.  I also went for a drive one day to scope out some potential new areas that I will go and investigate.

This post feels like a let down in a way, but I’m proud that iv kept going despite the hard time iv had and I’m determined more than ever to focus all my enervy from now on, on the fighr for animal rights.

Day 44

Saturday today so yes that means another day out in the field.  It’s still cubbing season so it was a very early start for us.  We decided to pay a visit to the Hurworth hunt and positioned ourselves in such a way the hat we could follow them to their meet.  

On arrival they weren’t best pleased to see us, but then again they never are.  I can’t imagine why.  

Luckily it was a very short and very quiet morning and we are confident there were no kills.  We were lucky enough to see a fox and a deer to safety and have some lively cuddles with the hounds at the end of the morning.

Day 42 & 43

Day 42

A trip to the local supermarket after work for me so I took in some of my leaflets…

I left some inside meals for people to read at home and I left some on the shelves to try and put people off buying the products in the first place.

This was really hard for me as I never go down the death Isles by choice.  I can’t stand to be surrounded by the mutilated body parts of my friends but if it means someone might not buy it today then I can just about stomach it.

Day 43

Today I spent a fair amount of time shopping around online on various websites such as Peta and animal aid in search of more leaflets.  I also spent time planning ways and places I could use them, after all this year is going to take a little bit of planning.  Lastly I purchased a lot more stickers….YAY!