Starting my Challenge

6 Days ago i set off on a journey with 4 friends to the city of Luxembourg where we were representing the Hunt Saboteurs Association at the International Animal Rights Conference.  The trip was an amazing experience in its own right, where we got to eat tonnes of vegan food, get to really know one another, meet some awesome new friends from all over the world and spread the word on what the HSA do and stand for.

But for me this conference became extra special when i got to meet a personal hero of mine, Alfredo Meschi, an Italian activist who is well known for his awe inspiring full body tattoo.  He has had 40,000 small crosses tattoo’d all over his body to represent the number of animals that are killed in the world each second!  If that’s not commitment to the animals then i don’t know what is.  Here’s a link to his Facebook, i strongly recommend you take a look for yourself if you haven’t already;


(That’s me on the right)

Anyway, when listening to one of his speeches he said something that really got me thinking…. when you are fighting for animal rights it is like fighting a war, and when you fight a war you don’t just fight at the weekends or in the evenings but you fight 24/7, 365 days of the year until the war is won!

And he’s right.

So starting on that very day 8/09/17 i decided that i would do an act of activism every day for 365 days and do my part for the animals, because they need us.  They need us not only to stop contributing to their suffering but to speak out and encourage others to stop too until our war is won.


Day 42

A trip to the local supermarket after work for me so I took in some of my leaflets…

I left some inside meals for people to read at home and I left some on the shelves to try and put people off buying the products in the first place.

This was really hard for me as I never go down the death Isles by choice.  I can’t stand to be surrounded by the mutilated body parts of my friends but if it means someone might not buy it today then I can just about stomach it.

Days 39, 40 & 41

Day 39

After a very busy weekend I had to take it easy and recooperate so I took to the internet once again and just generally spent the evening sharing posts, leaving reviews and spreading the word on their behalf.

Day 40

Today was another quiet day of chatting to people at work, and online bits and bobs.  I managed to get a sticker on another parking machine so im happy with that.

Day 41

Near where I live there is a dog rescue  that’s small and family run and nd so today I did a bit to promote them and a particular dog they have at the moment.  It is so important to rescue dogs and steer well clear of breeders. 

Check out the rescue here…  

Day 38

Boycott the circus!!

Yes that’s right today I headed to a circus in the area that still uses animals such as horses, zebras and camels!  It’s insane to think that things like this are still allowed to go ahead in this country. 

So myself, my mum and a few others met outside an hour before show starting time with our signs and leaflets to be their voice.

We could see the animals from the road and they were in the tiniest little enclosures, it was heart breaking.  Living a life on the road, being trained with force and fear and having to perform to gawping crowds day in day out.  It’s not right. And we must fight to put an end to it!

Day 37

Today was an extremely busy day FULL of activism.  I met with me fellow sabs bright and early and headed up to Alston in the North East.  The reason behind this ridiculous road trip is that Alston has hosted a hare coursing festival annually for a long time however for the last few years we have managed to get the event cancelled by being in the area in the running up to the event and making our presence known.

So we headed up to do exactly that…

We had a good check around of the area and took lots of pics to be able to spread the message that we are watching.  So far no sign of the festival taking g place this year which is amazing!

Then we headed back down to Guisborough to sab the Cleveland hunt in the afternoon.  You can read the full hit report on…

It was a successful afternon!

But we still had some daylight left so we decided to head up to the moors and check out an area we just so happen to know has a lot of ‘nasties’.  We spent a good few hours and we’ll into the dark cleaning up the area and making it a much more wildlife friendly zone.

Days 35 & 36

So the day after getting my tattoo naturally people at work were eager to see it so i took the time to show everyone and explain why I had got it.  It worked in getting people talking about foxes and finding a new sense of appreciation for them.  Too many people believe them to be a pest or believe the lies farmers spin about them killing livestock so its extremely important to me to set the record straight at every opportunity. 

The following day was again activism from home via more petitions including a few against the dog meat industry and one against the building of a new huge scale factor pig farm down south.  I also spent some time working on building up support on the Sab page.

Day 34

Today I got a tattoo that I have been waiting to gt for a very long time.  Foxes are a huge part of my life and who I am as a person, so it was only right that I should get a bit of a tribute.  I searched long and hard for someone who could do it justice and found Guy Fletcher at North Star in Harrogate.  All the Inks and aftercare etc that he uses are vegan which was a fantastic bonus.

5 hours it took and a fair few tears but the result is amazing.  I’m classing this experience as activism because I am going to use it as just that.  Everytime I show someone new the tattoo, or when people see it, it is so good they will want to mention it and I will use that opportunity to tell them all about foxes and what horror they have to endure with regards to hunting.

Now she just needs a name…?

Days 32 & 33

On these days I spent time after work each day sharing various posts on social media including images and anti hunting posts from the demo on Sunday.  These were shared a lot and will have reached a lot of people and the idea was to make more people aware that illegal hunting still takes place.

On the Monday (day 35) I went for a drive after work around the area I live in but down the tiny country lanes and through the small villages I have never been to before to scope out the next areas I need to go and check out next.

I also managed to place some stickers on various lamp posts etc on my lunch break one day and leave some carefully placed leaflets in a local shop.